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Learn from music industry pros on one of our 6-week short courses!

DIME ONLINE Short Courses provide you with a 6-week online educational experience that will take your current skills and knowledge to the next level. Delivered by the expert teaching faculty at DIME ONLINE, the courses are delivered through one of the world’s most advanced virtual learning environments, Canvas.


In addition to hosting the extensive course content, Canvas is designed to foster collaborative working and enables interactivity with your tutor and other students on the course through text or video conferencing. This can be done in the My Studio forum, where your weekly tasks are uploaded for tutor and peer feedback. Video conferencing can take place easily in the My Tutorials section of the course.


More than just asynchronous content, a DIME ONLINE short course will see you fully supported by your tutor and engaging with a vibrant student community (from anywhere in the world) on a weekly basis.


Technical and Stylistic Development (Guitar) – Martin Goulding, tutor

This short course provides an overview of some of the specialist skills, techniques and theoretical concepts that are vital for helping you to expand your technical facility and enable long-term creative musical expression on your instrument. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Gain solid grounding in the major, natural minor and blues scales and learn some excellent example licks and phrases
  • Develop essential techniques such as string-bending and vibrato
  • Learn a fantastic final performance piece or use the backing track to upload and share your own version!

The course is written and taught by renowned guitarist and educator Martin Goulding. 


Technical and Stylistic Development (Drums) – Paul Elliott, tutor

Written by international drum clinicians Gabor Dornyei and Paul Elliott, this course focuses on some of the essential styles and techniques needed to be a working drummer. Drawing from a wide range of examples from some of the best drummers on the planet, the course combines a rich blend of text, notation and video to provide tuition in the following areas:

  • Blues
  • New Orleans/second-line
  • Funk
  • Afro-Cuban/Brazilian
  • Odd time signatures

The course is taught by renowned drummer and educator Paul Elliott.

Your Song – Kaya Herstad-Carney, tutor

This course will introduce you to fundamental methods, techniques, and practices of the songwriting craft. While a large portion of the course will focus on analyzing the elements (form, subject, harmony, melody, etc.) of classic and contemporary songs and songwriters, the primary goal of the course will be to encourage you to develop your own original material, including both lyrics and music. The techniques and concepts studied on the course can be applied in a wide variety of styles and collaborative working amongst students will be encouraged as appropriate.

The course written and taught professional singer/songwriter, Kaya Herstad-Carney.


Music Business Basics – Tim Ferrone, tutor

The music industry is a fast-changing landscape where knowledge is essential for career navigation and the monetisation of creative skills. Whether you’re an artist, producer, songwriter, musician or someone interested in the business side of music, the Music Business Basics course provides vital information on how to get started and be successful in this exciting industry. The course provides an introduction and general overview to the business of music that will cover the essential topics of:

  • The New Music Business & Building A Musician Business
  • Gigging/Live Performance
  • Copyrights / Publishing / Licensing / Synchronization
  • Marketing / Promotion / Branding
  • Music Sponsorships
  • Financing

The course is delivered by music marketing and management expert, Tim Ferrone.


DIME ONLINE offers a unique music education experience for committed musicians and enterprising individuals who wish to excel in the professional music industry and want the freedom to choose where and when to study. Innovative content and superb online resources are supported by a team of professional musicians and industry experts who have worked hard to develop and maintain a position at the forefront of the music scene.


DIME ONLINE has partnered with RSL to offer Level 4 Creative Practitioners awards in the areas of performance, songwriting and music entrepreneurship. In addition to developing industry-relevant skills in their specialist areas, students will learn how to contextualize their knowledge and skills within the industry while developing a viable career path.


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